Accent Equity Sustainable Investment Policy

Link: Sustainable Investment Policy – adopted 13 Febuary 2020

The sustainable investment policy sets out the Accent Equity Funds’ approach to sustainability throughout the investment cycle. The policy serves as a framework and an aid in the various processes related to acquiring, owning and divesting portfolio companies.

Sustainability Report

Accent Equity Partners wants to share the status, progress and opportunities made with regards to sustainability within Accent Equity Partners and the portfolio companies of the Accent Equity funds through its Sustainability Report.

The report describes how Accent Equity Partners, as an advisor to the Accent Equity funds, deals with its own sustainability governance and investment advice strategy, and contains a presentation of the portfolio companies’ sustainability progress and Accent Equity Partners’ continued sustainability work.

Link: Sustainability Report 2017

(The report for 2019 will be published in Q3 2020.)

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