Together Scholarship

Accent Equity Partners AB ordained a Scholarship in 2012 named ”Tillsammans” (Together).

The Scholarship is awarded to persons or non-profit organisations in the Nordic countries that have made achievements that bring people together. This includes all good forces in the Nordics who realise the importance of cooperation to create sustainable change within society, the school system, sports and other non-profit organisations. Portfolio companies owned by Accent Equity funds nominate the candidates for the Scholarship.

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The 2019 scholarships were awarded to (i) Støtteforeningen for Kreftrammede, Superselma, (ii) Kulladals FF, (iii) Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju Lokalnego w Miałach, (iv) Mind, (v) Vetlanda BK U07, (vi) Solväders FC , and (vii) Stockholm Framefotboll.


The 2018 scholarships were awarded to (i) Alternative Education Club (Romania), (ii) HA74, (iii) Höllvikens Boxningsklubb, (iv) Jontefonden, (v) Nässjö HF, (vi) OV Helsingborg, (vii) SK Bore, (viii) Staffanstorp United, and (ix) Vallentuna United FC.


The 2017 scholarships were awarded to (i) Williams syndromförening i Sverige, (ii) BSAFE Nattvandrarna in Björklinge, (iii) Unite People in Varberg, (iv) FTS Säkra Varje Unge, (v) Sävsjö IBK floorball club, (vi) Skånela IF handball club, and (vii) School’s Out in Söderhamn.


The 2016 years Scholarships were awarded to Mariana Morosanu in Jönköping, personally engaged in creating meeting opportunities for refugees and companies, the basketball clubs Olympic in Göteborg and Blixtarna in Stockholm, engaging intellectually disabled youth in sports activities, Hillareds Idrottsförening in Svenljunga organizing football activities for children between 6-12, Fryshuset establishing arenas where young people are seen, heard and accounted for.


The 2015 scholarship was awarded to Läkare Utan Gränser Sweden (Médecins Sans Frontières), known internationally in English as Doctors Without Borders.


The 2014 scholarships were awarded to IF Roslagens Special Olympics (sports for disabled), the non-profit organisations Glädjeverkstan and Giving People as well as Grunden BOIS (sports for mentally disabled).


The 2013 scholarships were awarded to the athletics alub Gjekstad og Østerøya Idrettsforening in Sandefjord, Norway, the fundraising foundation Insamlingsstiftelsen Lek för hållbarhet och Retoy and the women’s refuge Alla Kvinnors Hus in Stockholm, Sweden.


The 2012 scholarships were awarded to the Missing People Sweden Society, Falu IK Athletics Club and the society Nattvandrare i Trollhättan (voluntary organization that walks the streets at night to help those in need.)

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