Accent Equity Partners AB has advised Accent Equity funds in some 80 investments in Nordic mid-market companies, of which some 60 investments have been realised successfully. We would here like to highlight a few of the companies which the Accent funds have invested in, and eventually divested.

These investments represent good examples of how the Accent funds, advised by Accent Equity Partners AB, have utilised their  financial and industrial experiences and competencies in all three stages of the investment cycle – enter, enhance and exit – with an active and hands-on management style built on strong partnerships with management teams.

Case studies (PDF):

Grycksbo Paper (paper production)

Crem International (coffee machines)

Troax case (safety solutions)

Hööks (retail)

Autotube (automotive)

Textilia (textile services)

As a member of EVCA (the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association) and SVCA (the Swedish Private Equity and Venture Capital Association) Accent Equity Partners AB supports and acts in accordance with their Codes of Conduct, Corporate Governance Guidelines and Governing Principles.

The EVCA has on its website published a number of case studies that are real life examples of how private equity transforms businesses. You can search EVCA’s archive of case studies here by sector, country or type of investor.

The case studies involving portfolio companies with reference to Accent Equity funds may also be downloaded in PDF format: Autotube, Grycksbo Paper, Hööks and Troax.

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