Active and hands-on


As advisors to seven funds over a twenty-year period, we have continuously fine-tuned our working procedures. The investors of those funds have committed more than EUR 1 billion since 1994 and the funds have invested in more than 80 companies in the Nordic lower mid-market.

Accent Equity Partners AB has evolved throughout the years, but has stayed true to the basic investment criteria and active and hands-on leadership philosophy. This entails both an active role on the portfolio company boards as well as close and active monitoring of the portfolio companies’ performance during the funds’ ownership periods.

The working procedures originate in Accent Equity Partners AB’s 3E approach. More than 60 portfolio companies have been exited with returns above industry averages for the funds’ investors. Please see Investment Cases for additional information. These returns would not have been possible without close partnerships with portfolio companies’ management teams as well as with other external advisors and company boards.

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