Partners with management

Partners with Management
Accent Equity Partners AB seeks to create value through dedicated partnerships with  portfolio companies’ management teams and by targeting strategic and operational improvements. Accent Equity Partners AB assists the portfolio companies with its unique “findustrial” approach based on financial as well as industrial competence.

Funds advised by Accent Equity Partners AB are characterized by a careful approach to investment selection, a drive for excellence and a committed ownership mindset. Other crucial factors are multiple deal sourcing channels, careful analyses thorough due diligence and a clear post acquisition plan.

Setting mutual long-term goals with portfolio company management teams is a critical factor for creating value. This might include actions that require several years to materialise such as strategic add-on acquisitions, aggressive organic growth or establishing international sales organisations. Accent Equity Partners AB provides committed support to portfolio company management teams and encourages a hands-on operational approach to problem solving.

Accent Equity Partners AB’s corporate agenda include basic elements to secure competitiveness by reducing complexity, streamlining processes, reducing cost levels and ensuring appropriate financial structures. Growth and development are encouraged by exploiting expansion into new markets, investments in product development and other organic growth initiatives.

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