Investment Criteria

Accent Equity Partners AB actively seeks new investment opportunities for the Accent Equity Funds. A summary of the investment criteria is set out below.


High-quality, market-leading, medium-sized Nordic companies with potential for top-line growth and industrial excellence. The objective is to significantly improve the performance of the businesses and to create strong, focused companies with solid long-term potential.

The investment strategy is to purchase controlling equity interests of EUR 10-30 million in companies with a total enterprise value of EUR 20-50 million with a clear potential for value creation through revenue growth, operational improvements, increased financial efficiency and beneficial strategic positioning.

Key Characteristics Strong management teams, proven business models, market leadership, sustainable earnings and cash flow, sustainable competitive advantages and potential for value enhancement.
Geographic Focus Companies with head offices in the Nordic countries.
Company Focus Mid-market buyouts of mature companies and later stage expansion capital investments in companies with proven and scalable business models.
Industry Focus Diversified. Accent focuses on investment opportunities where it can add value by applying its experience and investment strategy, regardless of industry.
Size of Investment EUR 10-30 million in equity investment per transaction, including add-on acquisitions.
Ownership Control investments acting as lead investor.


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